The Kendall Report

Get a better understanding of the markets as we start off each week with a live broadcast of The Kendall Report. This hour-long show serves as your own extended investment committee meeting where we dig into the current actions of the markets and the economy to provide you with the latest insight on the investment world around you. This is recorded and posted within minutes of broadcast for later reference.

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Weekly Demonstrations

See what we can do for your practice. We take time each week to go through all the services that VPM Partners provides so that you can see how we can transform your practice to break through to the next level of performance.

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Learn how to use the tools and services that we provide properly in our weekly training meetings. In these meetings, we go through the various aspects of designing portfolios, researching securities, and deploying strategies and then how to properly present this to your clients.

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VPM University

Our VPM University provides advisors with a path to go from philosophy to action. In these course, we cover the elements necessary to be successful in the research, construction and deployment of the VPM Process.

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About VPM

For 20 years, our VPM portfolio management process (Institutional Use Only) has given thousands of advisors the ability to build and maintain quality and scalable strategies. Through integration with partnerships and dozens of prebuilt strategies, VPM and its consultants can guide you through the entire process in building a true scalable and deliverable product suite.

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